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Who is Tuval Cain? The name Tuval Cain comes from the book of Genesis. He is a direct descendant of Cain, and was the originator of working with iron, bronze, and brass. As such, he is blamed by some for creating weapons for mass murderers, but he must also be credited with making tools for working the land. He was the first chemist, a master of martial arts, and known as the strongest man alive. His brother, Yuval, invented the harp and flute. Tuval Cain was tragically killed by his own father. The songwriter aims to promote more positive messages than is common in rock these days while not holding back at all from rocking out, or reducing the songs to a sanitized version. It’s also the name of a red hot Israeli rock band who just released their latest musical offering entitled “Forging the Future.” Starting things off straight away with Track 1 “Nomad” it’s an absolute treat with methodical movement, progressive Jazzed out Rock ambience, smooth melodic bass lines, and inviting guitar melody that really sets the initial mood.

All songs have a limitless feel that makes the world seem right but there is an invigorating sense of hope that your future looks brighter than your past – hence the title of the CD reflects this. This leads us right into one of my favorite tracks “Wandering” It’s got more of a direct and a harder approach, still with style and grace, as the tantalizing Piano and Flute tandem. As the piece moves forward the guitar progression and rhythm section becomes louder. The song is a true Classic Rock staple. What I like about this CD is the first 3 tracks are very melodic and passive, whereas the rest of the CD shifts gears a bit with more Jazz Standard artisanship in my opinion.

Band members include: David Lawrence Kuhn: All songwriting, lyrics, and keyboards, Dor Nagar: Lead vocals, Avi Singolda: Guitars, Ido Maimon: Drums and percussion, Noam Hartman and Adam ben Ezra: Electric bass, Shaul Barkan: Alto and tenor sax, Udi Perlman: Flute, Produced, Arranged, Recorded and Mixed by Noam Hartmann and Avi Chen.

Indeed there are no limitations when it comes to this amazing CD, and lead songwriter Kuhn simply represents that vividly. Musical comparables to me include: Jethro Tull, Steppenwolf, Gryphon, Caravan, Focus and Eloy. Vocals from Nagar fit this band like a hand in glove. The rest of the players and subsequent performances are masterful proving that rock music of this caliber should never be underestimated. Indeed Kuhn and company will please a wide variety of folks via this collection of 13 mega-blockbusters. Notable standout to me are amazing “Power’ and the “The World is my Dominion” and “Jonah”. The whole musical experience provides wonderful progressive energy and infectious ambience. All songs provide much in the way of musical latitude and psychedelic nuances. Brave to Kuhn’s overall not only as a composer mind you but as a musician as well. Another hit for me is “Spiral Down” which truly showcases the flow and ebb playing style of this mind blowing band. Overall, “Forging the Future” by Tuval Cain is a solid release that upholds the Classic Rock standard set by the English Rock Gods back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I can honestly say it entertained me from start to finish armed with nothing more than an open mind and 60 minutes of time. The music has no limitations and is comparable to a musical journey and should be enjoyed that capacity to the maximum. In this aspect and setting it transcends space and time. What else can I say – you have to check out the music of Tuval Cain. You can but “Forging the Future” via the below link. Take it from me you’ll be glad you did and it’s worth every penny! 

Nominations and Awards

Nominated CD of the Year by Indie Music Digest.
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