Verse 1

Do you remember when we were slaves?

Our masters cruel, their lives depraved.

Do you remember when we bowed to the whip?

With broken backs from heaving bricks.

For so many years we believed we'd be free.

Waiting for the word to leave.

Then he came and started the game.

Broke our bonds by the sight of a plague.

We hid in caves, our rescue delayed,

Just then you tried to ascend to the throne.


He was saying:

Still you believed you were never alone

Deceiving you then with blood from a stone

Oh, what would you do

If He came and called on you

Unsheathe your sword

And start the war

Would you believe in him anymore

(break and repeat)

Verse 2

Who is this who's come to lead?

To bring an end to agony

Wasting all our energy

His vanity is ill conceived

Don't you see through his disguise?

Questioned once, but twice denied.

Can we cross the great divide?

Between us all on every side

Join me as I jump the fence

A gathering with no pretense

We are one why let us be

Denying our humanity

Spoken Ending

We have almost reached our coming of age

The beginning of days

Enter correction

Complete perfection

I'm sick of avoiding detection.


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Nominated CD of the Year by Indie Music Digest.
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