Spoken Prelude

I've been living all my days

In such pleasant contemplation

And I really had it made

As I awoke today

A stumbling block was laid

Don't want to throw it all away

I think that I'll escape.

For I don't want to be

The laughter of the chosen

Or a warning to the vile

But as it seems

What I really want to be

Is not for me to decide

I wish I could find another way (pause)

To plow the fields and reap my grain

Maybe go where no one's gone

Find the time to follow other longings


Jonah, where you going? Don’t you run away from me

I know that you’re scared but in going out to sea.

You’re leaving me no choice

You’ve been clearly warned.

They’ll throw you overboard.

You’re causing up a storm.



I scream in my affliction.

From the netherworld cried I.

I’ve never known such sorrow.

For I am cast out from Your eyes.

And I remembered His name.

Return to me, I prayed.

Your mercy shone.

Your servant knows.

I have vowed and I will pay.                                  


Shout from the rooftops

To down below.

I’ll be with you as you go.


Change your ways

For in 40 short days.

Your city will be surely overthrown.


The time had elapsed

And evil was cast

Like a stone from off their hands.

And Jonah aghast

Cried at long last

JONAH and Narrator

It’s better that I die than I live.

It’s better that I die than I live.


What can I do to calm you?              

How can I make you see?                 

The man of war that you believe in   

Is just a side of me                             

You're angry that you're made a fool    

And the city won't get its due               

You'd do well to remember                

All I've done for you                           

You're angry I removed your shelter   

I raised it overnight 

You didn't sweat your brow to grow it

And yet you mourn it's plight

How can I not save my child

I yearn each day for his return

10 Thousands fold and even more

Why would I let them burn?

Maybe yet they'll learn


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