A Distant Well

Verse 1A

I had a thought in mind when I asked you all to stay.          

Come and join our gathering right now with no delay.         

Rivalries mean nothing here so leave them at the door.        

I have brought you here and now for love and not for war.

No one here can claim the right.            

Spouting words, but rule by might.                                     

I once had a dream when two were one for real.

Verse 1B 

Then we tried to start it all over.      

Better days were just ahead.

We would bring a better tomorrow

We would lead and you'd be led

Into a garden paradise

Just come along. Don't think twice.

We'd be the ones to finally do

What generations failed to choose

Taking brothers by the hand

No matter creed, or their homeland

We knew what's really best for you

We the wise men, you the fools

Verse 2A            

On your knees you cannot see the forest for the trees.          

Stop this senseless groveling and take just what you need.  

Do not ever apologize upon the stand you climb onto.       

Go ahead and sermonize and plainly paint a view.               

No one here can claim the right.

Spouting words, but rule by might.

I once had a dream when two were one for real.

Verse 2B

When the morning comes again

I'll be here with you my friend

Never will we end apart

Tied forever from the heart

We’ll live out our last days

Come into our own as we claim.

We’ll rise again starting tomorrow

Holding those who'd cause us sorrow

Out away apart from us

Are you someone I can trust?

It has become so crystal clear

We can’t give in to needless fear

 Verse 3

Only those high barriers are worth the time it costs.

I'd rather be a carrier of pride before it's lost.

A distant well, I'll reach, no help, and draw it for myself.

I'll share with you a drink or two and raise it to our health.

No one here can claim the right.

Spouting words, but rule by might.

I once had a dream when two were one for real.


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