Wandering I

Tuval Cain
Forging the Future


This is a swingy, groovy, jazz-rock fusion tune. The main theme is a man's ongoing struggle with his lustful nature, fighting for self control and dying to break free.  Who is a hero? He who masters his desires? For a long time, I was a coward. Now I can stand up strong. "Discipline is Leaving. I've lost my self control. There's a fortune in believing my strength will claim its hold."

With Dor Nagar on Vocals, Avi Singolda on guitars, Adam Ben Ezra on Bass, David Lawrence Kuhn (songwriter) on keyboards, Ido Maimon on Drums and Percussion, Udi Perlman on Flute. Produced, Arranged, Recorded, and Mixed by Noam Hartmann and Avi Chen. Mastered by Jeff Willens.

Nominations and Awards

Nominated CD of the Year by Indie Music Digest.
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