January 14, 2014
We firmly believe - I firmly believe - that the style, quality, level of musicianship, innovativeness, eclecticism, and wit expressed in classic rock from the late 60s to mid-late 70s is not dead. Rather, it is timeless, and just needs a br...eathe of new life, new blood, that can pick up and reignite the torch, as well as media receptiveness to breaking the faddish cookie cutter model of mass music production. We firmly believe in the middle ground - progressive music that is still widely listenable, "mainstream"able without being brain dead. We firmly believe - I firmly believe - that you can rock out while remaining positive - to still use your brain without being inaccessible. We are rooted in the past, but together we can really be Forging the Future. With your help, if you enjoy this project, pass it on to friends, colleagues, family, and innocent bystanders. The original Tuval Cain died a tragic death, which we aim not to re-enact. I set before you our life and death. Help us to choose life.
January 24, 2014
I was once at a Jethro Tull concert (one of a great many I attended), during which I called out for a song (One Brown Mouse). Ian retored: "There once was a time when we were a progressive rock band." This was embarassing, but it was an appropriate response. Prog is not something old. It is not the familiar. Prog is not stuck in time. Prog is not a dirty word. It is an attitude of daring to break ...the mold, to chart new ground. Prog is alive, driven underground, and gasping for air, but its true fans are dedicated, perhaps even fanatical, in finding more uncharted territory. Tuval Cain attempts to take the best of prog while avoiding its well-known pitfalls, that even its greatest practitioners acknowledged: being inaccessible and not keeping in mind what the audience wants to hear. There is much to learn from the downfall of prog, but it doesn't mean permanent retreat into 3 chords and scaling back musicial ambition. When playing well and fully indulging creativity became a bad thing, we all suffered. At least, musicians and true appreciators of music did.

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