Dor Nagar is an up and coming Israeli singer with a phenomenal tone and unique style; a great screamer and a master of subtlety. Keep your ears out for this man. We believe that he will eventually be recognized as belonging to the handful of elite rock singers. He is currently involved in many projects, including the Jukebox band (a 60s and 70s cover band), Steel Zeppelin, Blues Machine, Dor Nagar and Ori Naftali.  

Avi Singolda’s biography is as impressive as his playing. In his career, he has played guitar for a wide range of famous Israeli musicians, including Shlomo Artzi, Eyal Golan, Arik Einstein, Sarit Hadad, Rita, and Idan Raichel. He is currently active with his own solo project and teaching at the Rimon school of jazz and contemporary music. On this album, Singolda combines the chops of Joe Satriani and Mark Knoppfler with the feeling of David Gilmour, and much more.

This is the first professional recording that he has brought to completion. The material on this album was written over a span of 25 years. David's keyboard playing is inspired by Jon Lord, Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Ray Manzarek, among others. His writing is inspired by just about everything, but is consciously moving towards an emphasis on more positive and optimistic themes while maintaining a hard rock edge. David assures us that the follow up albums are written and ready to be recorded without any loss of quality if Forging the Future takes off, as hoped.

Adam ben Ezra gets around with his contrabass. Among Israeli artists, he has played with Mosh Ben Ari, Boaz Banai, Tziporella, Jeremy Kaplan, and Yael Deckelbaum. He has also performed with the Glen Miller Orchestra. He is one of the most successful Israeli musicians on youtube with more than 3 millions views on his channel. Adam plays contrabass and electric bass on 7 of the 12 songs on this album.

See Adam's site

Ido Maimon is one of the leading and busiest drummers in Israel because of his unique virtuous knowledge of a large variety of musical styles, and the ability to adapt to any band or genre. Ido is also known for his clean and warm sound, and his touch and groove that makes you want to get up and dance in any style. Idio studied with the legendary drummer Joe Morello, whose influence if felt in his playing. His technique and phenomenal control of the instrument make him one of the most wanted drummers in Israel.

Noam Hartman is the senior producer and owner of the Mushroom recording studio in Ramat Gan. He studied at the Rimon school of music and plays bass in the group Chai V’HaKayamim. He plays bass on 5 of the songs on this album.

The webpage for the Mushroom recording studio is in Hebrew only.

Avi Chen is sound engineer, producer, and studio magician. He played guitar on There Will be Time. His most recent released project is called the Goosebumps.

Nominations and Awards

Nominated CD of the Year by Indie Music Digest.
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