This review was written by Alan Pratt at Indie Artists Alliance (link no longer available). 

The Review The Israeli rock band Tuval Cain just released their latest effort entitled ”Forging the Future” in 2013. Israel’s own Tuval Cain is a 70s-style neo-classic progressive rock project with a wide range of influences, including Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, The Doors, The Beatles, Steely Dan, Queen, Kansas, Van Morrison, Paul Simon, Rainbow, ELP, Yes, Blood Sweat and Tears, Crosby Stills and Nash, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Meatloaf, Andrew Lloyd Weber. I concur with all of the above influences. The name Tuval Cain comes from the book of Genesis. He is a direct descendant of Cain, and was the originator of working with iron, bronze, and brass. As such, he is blamed by some for creating weapons for mass murderers, but he must also be credited with making tools for working the land. He was the first chemist, a master of martial arts, and known as the strongest man alive. His brother, Yuval, invented the harp and flute. Tuval Cain was tragically killed by his own father. The songwriter aims to promote more positive messages than is common in rock these days while not holding back at all from rocking out, or reducing the songs to a sanitized version. Within these deep lyrics from Kuhn that reach out to multitudes with great meaning. The lyrics and music touched me and were written for that listener that may be going through a sort of soul’s journey. To the right and left of him evil – yet ho forges his path through the darkness. This is how I visualized the album. Every song also has a different dynamic, which helps it all from sounding repetitive. It’s also filled with powerful synergy and topics that are relatable. Track 1 Nomad” is a real attention grabber. Nagar is a rock solid vocalist. While being emotional, Nagar pulls out all the stops backed up with the rock solid musicianship, impressive writing skills from Kuhn. Above all you can hear the strong emotion vocal front from as he takes on these powerful messages head on. My top 3 tracks are “Power”, “A Distant Well” and Don’t Try to ChangeMe.”  

Criticism: Cover art looks is a bit awkward and amateurish to me. I don’t know how well the US will like this release as it sounds really old. Perhaps Tuval Cain needs to modernize their sound a bit next CD. Case in point this CD would have been hunge in 1970.

I could be wrong but “Forging the Future” is testament to character, string will power, strength, courage and having a strong resolve. Indeed many of these traits are possessed by many Israeli’s, and many of these traits are needed by many people around the world. Some listeners want to experience music that is quirky, angry, eccentric, thoughtful boastful, loud, reckless, destructive, shallow, indulgent whatever. To me this reflects the culture. The music of Tuval Cain takes music a step further. It’s obvious Kuhn knows a lot about life. He no doubt has many life experiences good and bad to bring to the table as a songwriter, producer. This greatly enhances the depth of listening experience for me. It’s a real breath of fresh air to hear messages that have more substance than what is presently on my radio.

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